Bahlaloga Technology’s is a market leader in engineering solutions aimed at equipment failure investigations and getting down to the root-cause(s) for the automotive, mining, petro-chemical, construction, power generation, beverage process production and other manufacturing sectors.

We have capabilities to providing pro-active, preventative maintenance and reliability-centred maintenance strategies, complete filtration solutions, and also suppliers of lubricants, fuels, filters and related chemicals for the above industries.

This also include oil condition monitoring and machine vibration analysis, including product training all technical aspects of fuels and lubricants, including the storage and handling acceptable techniques.

Our approach is based on the provision of equipments operational solutions, with main emphasis on all equipments, in ensuring that we get down to the root-cause(s) of the equipments’ failures, in cutting of down-times and related equipments’ failure costs.

We have the full capabilities of reducing equipment maintenance costs by the development and the implementation of customised maintenance programmes in increasing equipments’ operation efficiency and greatly reducing down-times.

We also provide extensive fuels and lubricants product quality analysis in compliance with the SABS Specifications, provision of extensive vehicles component failure investigations covering engines, spark plugs, fuel gauges, filters, gearboxes and all other drivelines related units.

We also carry out extensive Warranty Customer Resolutions in providing neutral acceptable views on the root-cause analysis. We also get involved with trending the Warrantee cost and coming out with the root-causes in escalating these costs and provide robust solutions as to how to reduce the Warrantee Costs.

This includes an extensive training on Fuels and Lubricants Technology Training to the Automotive Dealership personnel.

By utilizing our technical skills of the management team, the company is also able to provide a number of technical services, which are tailored to add value to our customer’s bottom-line.

This also includes providing the complete follow-up in ensuring the effectiveness of the service in affecting the bottom-line of the business.

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